Month: December 2021

Industrial Markets During Covid 19

Over the past 10 years e-commerce has taken an ever-growing share of the retail market.  The trend accelerated during the pandemic, as depicted by the US Census Bureau in the chart below: At the beginning of the pandemic economic activity across many real estate classes initially slowed to a crawl.  As e-commerce quickly increased by necessity due to pandemic restrictions, brick and mortar retail took a hit while demand for industrial space, especially for facilities […]

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Thoughts on Valuation During a Pandemic

With the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020, dramatic impacts on the economy and real estate markets have occurred.  Users of real estate valuation services need to feel confident in the firms they choose to appraise their properties.  We, at Comprehensive Appraisal Corp., have been valuing properties for 30 years, through booms and busts.   In late 2019 the world first became aware of the emergence of Covid 19.  On […]

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